10 Benefits of Using Content Marketing

Content Marketing - The benefits of Content Marketing

Unlike other marketing techniques, content marketing emphasizes creation, publication, and distribution of a variety of digital content – blogs, social media posts, podcasts, and videos.   When an enterprise decides to promote its products or services through content marketing, it must implement a comprehensive strategy to create and distribute fresh and relevant content by targeting a clearly defined audience. In addition to retaining existing customers and attracting new customers, content marketing will also help the enterprise to boost online sales and promote brand awareness. An enterprise can further reap a number of benefits by promoting its products, services, or brands through content marketing.

Content Marketing - The benefits of Content Marketing

Understanding 10 Important Benefits of Content Marketing

1) Drive More Traffic to the Website

Content Marketing - Drive More Traffic to the Website

A number of studies suggest that the enterprises publishing blog posts regularly drive more traffic to their websites. When a business publishes blog posts regularly, the search engine visibility of its website improves. Likewise, many website visitors also share the high-quality content on popular social networking platforms. But the enterprise must create fresh and relevant content, and publish the content consistently to increase traffic to the website.

2) Increase Website Traffic Consistently

Content Marketing - Increase Website Traffic Consistently

An enterprise can divert traffic to its website over a period of time by publishing high-quality content consistently. As highlighted by several studies, there are a number of high quality and original blog posts that divert traffic to the website long after their publication date. An enterprise cannot determine which blog will increase website traffic in the long run. But it can keep increasing website traffic over a period of time by publishing content regularly.

3) Increase Conversion Rate

Content Marketing - Increase Conversion Rate

In addition to increasing website traffic, content marketing also helps the enterprise to accomplish higher conversion rates. A number of studies suggest that the enterprises publishing high-quality content regularly accomplish a higher conversion rate than the companies who do not create and distribute content. The fresh and relevant content will engage the potential buyers and impact their purchase decision. Hence, many enterprises invest time, efforts, and funds in content marketing to drive online sales.

4) Educate the Potential Customers

Content Marketing - Educate the Potential Customers

A customer nowadays has the option to choose from a wide range of identical products or brands. An enterprise must make customers aware of the problems or challenges its brand can solve to increase conversion rate. While creating content, the enterprise can easily highlight the effectiveness of its brand or product in solving specific customer problems. The content will further help potential customers to know various aspects of the brand or product.

5) Build and Nurture Long-Term Customer Relationship

Content Marketing - Build and Nurture Long-Term Customer Relationship

When the content helps customers to resolve common challenges and issues, it becomes easier for the enterprise to win the trust of customers. A business can further use high-quality content as a tool to build authority and credibility in the customer base, in addition to beating the competition. It can even create and distribute valuable content consistently to offer guidance and suggestion to various customers. The guidance and suggestions will further contribute towards making the enterprise an industry thought leader.

6) Reach out to a Specific Audience

Content Marketing - Reach out to a Specific Audience

Most customers nowadays prefer online stores to brick and mortar stores. But the choices and needs of individual customers differ. A business must promote its products or brands by targeting a relevant audience to increase conversion rate. But businesses often find it challenging to identify the online customers who are interested in a specific product or service. Content marketing helps businesses to increase conversion rate by creating content by keeping in mind the specific target audience. The content will make the specific audience connect with the product/service and purchase.

7) Generate More Qualified Leads

Content Marketing - Generate More Qualified Leads

Many enterprises nowadays use content marketing to accelerate lead generation. They publish and promote content with the intention to identify the potential customers for their products or services. Unlike other lead generation techniques, content marketing helps businesses to generate more qualified leads. An enterprise can easily generate more lead by creating high-quality content and publishing fresh content regularly. At the same time, it can create content based on the topics relevant to specific products/services to divert relevant website visitors and generate qualified leads.

8) Impact Purchase Decisions

Content Marketing - Impact Purchase Decisions

No customers nowadays opt for a product or service without performing elaborate pre-purchase research. Some customers use search engines to gather information about specific products or services, whereas others rely on social media. An enterprise can always make it easier for customers to perform pre-purchase research by distributing relevant content. The fresh and relevant information conveyed through the content also helps businesses to influence customers’ purchase decisions.

9) Boost Brand Affinity

Content Marketing - Boost Brand Affinity

While creating digital content, a business can focus on creating a unique voice. The unique voice will make the content stand out in the crowd and develop brand affinity. Instead of highlighting the latest industry trends and using complex terminology, the content will make customers connect and interact with the brand in a completely transparent way. However, it is also important for the marketers to keep the tone of content personalized and accessible.

10) Accelerate Remarketing Audience Building

Content Marketing - Accelerate Re-marketing Audience Building

An enterprise can also integrate content marketing seamlessly with other paid and organic digital marketing techniques. It can embed analytics into each piece of content to monitor and understand the site traffic. Based on the information collected through analytics, the organization can divide visitors into a number of segments – shopping cart abandoners, product page viewers, product category viewers and homepage viewers. He can further create a custom remarketing list and persuade various segments of customers to purchase by distributing remarketing content.

On the whole, content marketing as an effective digital marketing strategy helps businesses to drive online sales. But the enterprise must implement a robust strategy to create, publish, and distribute valuable content consistently. Also, the strategy must consider the emerging content marketing trends to improve customer engagement and increase conversion rate. A business has to invest resources to reap the benefits of content marketing. The investment, however, will help the business to generate more qualified leads and boost online sales over a period of time.