What is the Ideal Placement of Keywords in the Articles?

The content that you develop for your article marketing campaign has to be written keeping a few things in mind. The basic need is to conform to the keyword policy followed by Google. No matter how appealing and interesting the article is; unless it sticks to the Google guidelines, your campaign can never be successful. Although the latest Panda updates have added to the confusion of proper keyword usage, yet one cannot overlook the importance of these keywords. There are certain rules which have to be followed if you want to have a good visibility on the web.

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  • Title – It can be a good move to use the primary keyword in the title. The best way to do it is to keep it as close to the beginning of the title as possible but make sure that it sounds good too. Since the title is the first thing that your reader will see, you must make it interesting. There always has to be a trade-off between using the keyword in the right place in the title and making the title exciting. Remember that Google will like your content more if it appeals to the human readers.
  • Keyword Structure – Some key phrases are such that you might need to insert stop words in between. For example, in the key phrase, “travel companies India”, you might be tempted to put the word “in” before “India”. While the stop word may dilute the key phrase, yet it will sound abnormal to the human reader if not inserted. Although it was not considered a good option previously to put the stop words, it may become necessary today.
  • Description – Use of the keywords in the description of the article is good. Again, the best method is to start the description with the keyword or keep it as close to the beginning as possible. But like all the best practices for writing article content keeps evolving as per the latest Google algorithm changes, you should think making the description interesting and also of including the keywords.
  • Body – The same keywords should be used throughout the body too. It can be a good practice to use the keyword in the beginning and end of the body and also a few times in the middle. But with the writing practices evolving, you might think of using the keyword just once in the body too. Since the links to the website are usually given from the keywords used in the author resource, you don’t need the keywords in the body just for this purpose. The Google updates emphasize more on unique and fresh content and hence you might think of impressing with the quality of the content rather than by stuffing keywords unnecessarily.
  • Similar words – Besides using the keywords in the content, you might use the derivatives of the keywords which can get you better visibility on the Google search engines. For example, if you are using the word “costume”, you might like using “apparel” and “clothing” too to improve readability. Your article will also show up if anyone searches with these similar keywords.

The days of writing content to woo the search engines might just be numbered. It is time that you gave more emphasis on the human visitors and maybe Google will modify its algorithm so that you no longer have to think of incorporating the keywords unnecessarily in the content. Free-flow writing will certainly arouse your creative skills and make content creation a pleasure.